In The Field

Since 2002, 4 Outdoorsmen Ministries has been honored to represent Jesus Christ in 22 states and 3 countries. We have been invited to speak and share Christ at over 80 outdoor events with a total attendance of over 33,000.  Of those attendees we have seen 1,160 decisions for Christ.  Our webpage has also been successful in ministering to the outdoorsmen who like to surf the web with over 25,000 unique visitors per year. 

The main focus of 4 Outdoorsmen Ministries is Evangelism, we realize ministries are not in themselves evangelists, people are!  4 Outdoorsmen Ministries is an extension of the heart of the leadership of this ministry and that is to share Christ with people.

We share the passion of the Apostle Paul when he wrote under the power of the Holy Sprit
“Therefore my beloved brethren be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”      1 Corinthians 15:58.  Our prayer is to always remain focused on Christ and what He had done for us as individuals, with all the praise and honor going to our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ. “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ…” Galatians 6:14.

We have 4 principal avenues for sharing the Gospel message of Christ …

·      A video series called "The Gospel On".

We are currently distributing "The Gospel On Boss Gobblers" DVD. To date, we have distributed over 2000 copies. It’s a turkey hunting video with an evangelistic Gospel message of the Grace of Christ, with a commitment and response time. Basically it’s a video gospel tract for turkey hunters! We are currently in the process of developing two additional “Gospel On” DVD tracts. “The Gospel On The Dark Continent” and “The Gospel On North American Whitetail”.

·      Hunting for The Lost” Evangelistic Wild game Outreach Events.

We partner with churches and other ministries to help provide an evening of fun, fellowship and outdoors education. It is designed to be a non-threatening way to invite friends and family to taste some wild game and participate in a seminar coupled with a message and salvation response time. This is a great opportunity to present the gospel to those who may never hear a conventional, behind-the-pulpit sermon.

We explore the creation and God’s Great Land Of The Wild through a game calling exhibition and sharing God’s word in a custom-tailored presentation for outdoorsmen, women and children! We then work closely with the host church/ministry to make sure the new believer in Christ receives follow-up and discipleship.

·      Brent Robert Outdoors Radio Show


The first outdoors radio show to be aired in Western North Carolina. The show is aired every Tuesday night on 95.7 “The Choice.” The show is intended to cover relevant outdoor topics with a gospel message to reach the lost.


·      Blood Trail Tract


This tract is designed specifically with the hunter in mind. The tract depicts the emotions of shooting a monster buck with a Matthews bow and the blood trail left to find the deer. Most importantly is the gospel message designed to show the reader their need for Christ and how to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. To date we have distributed over 15,000 tracts.

Future Plans


·         “The Gospel On Black Bears


 Currently in the process of producing a world class trophy video on Black Bear hunting with a gospel message. DVD will include over 8 world class bear kills with the smallest being a 410 pound bear killed by Will Graham and the largest a 708 pound bear killed by a 13 year old named Rebecca. We are also looking at trying to film a few bow kills this season to add to the DVD.


·         “The Gospel on Resurrection Bay”


 Currently producing a video tract intended to be used as personal bible study with the fisherman in mind.

  In all we do we are very careful not to just talk about God, but to share what Christ has done for us as sinners and our faith in Him... praying and expecting Christ to move in hearts of unbelievers as we share the Gospel. 

Hunting for the lost !

Brent Besosa                                            Sam Bennett

I will hunt for the lost and bring back the strays ... Ezekiel 34:16

4 Outdoorsmen Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to reaching outdoorsmen with the Gospel of Christ.